Spiky Swim

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Spiky Swim Screenshot


Spiky Swim is a mobile game in the same vein as something like Flappy Birds, just with a bit more to offer in terms of gameplay and polish thereby making it less likely to throw the user into a blind phone smashing rage. While having similar mechanics to Flappy type games, Spiky Swim pulls it off in a more cohesive and refined way that is actually fun. The player controls a fish by tapping the screen to do the underwater equivalent of a ‘flap’, this makes the fish hop while giving it forward momentum. The fish will bounce between two sides of the screen and the player must tap to keep fishy from touching the spiky top and bottom edges. Spiky obstacles may appear on the side walls but can be avoided with properly timed swims or the use of power ups such as bubble shield, thunder strike, bomb, dual fish, hard hat, shrink, etc. Those are all great, except for the one that inverts controls, probably best to avoid it. Coins also appear in the swimming area and can be collected and spent at the fish market for cooler and stronger fish. So what makes Spiky Swim fun? The substitution of flappy-gates for boundaries with obstacles makes the experience more dynamic and facilitates our natural tenancy to plan ahead rather than constrain it, there is greater satisfaction in pulling off multiple jumps in combination and doing it for more than just getting through another gate. The experience feels quite refined with convincing hitboxes, fun power-ups, and more leg room than your traditional flappy style gameplay.

The music seems on point, you’ve got your accordion track, your jazzy Sims build mode track, and there was probably one more. The graphics have a humble look to them and the overall game is quite relaxing.

In-app purchases are included but they are merely inconsequential convenience items like extra coins or superfluous power-ups. Everything in the game can be unlocked by playing at a normal pace. Oh, and there are a couple of secrets hidden in the menus for you to uncover. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s a great time killer, go download it now!